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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moon River

The Arroyo is so beautiful tonight, as ripples on its surface catch the silver of a full moon, that I stepped outside on the stair landing to see if I could capture it in a photograph.  Of course, I couldn't.  This is as close as I could get. But you can see the glittering of the river and the black bank beyond.

A few years ago I tried to capture the beauty of the arroyo and the full moon with these words:


I want you to see the moon rise full 
over the Arroyo Colorado.

At first huge and red like a distant fire
behind the line of ebony and  mesquite,
it will slowly rise to a silver globe,
pouring light across the water
in broad bands of sparkling waves
that narrow to a  point
at the corner of my dock.

I want you to see dolphins touched with the moon’s silver,
roll up through the surface
of wind-rippled waters
and disappear in widening circles of light.

I want you to see,  above shadows at the bank’s dark edge,
a deer, head lifted high,
glowing with moonlight
caught in the silver cup
of its velvet antlers.

I want you to see shining minnows burst in circles of sparks
across the dark waters
and hear pauraques call across the fields.

I want you to see the Arroyo Colorado in moonlight.
I want you to see
my South Texas home.

(Kay Baughman, 2002)

It's hard not to wake at night and go upstairs to look outside at the river.  I'm glad I'm no longer working so I can stand by the window as long as I want, as long as there are palm trees catching the silver of the moon and owls that silently glide across the river on velvet black wings.  Even on moonless nights the fishing lights add glittering highlights--but my favorite nights are the ones when moonshadows and moonlight embellish the landscape. Tonight is one of those.


KaHolly said...

Oh, Kay, what beautiful prose. I could almost picture the natural beauty and serenity depicted by your words. Now I REALLY want to see for myself!! The photo did, indeed, capture the glorious moonlight on the water. How very nice. ~karen

john said...

While you get to watch dolphins on your wonderful, moonlit river, I get to watch big rigs slip and slide along the frozen highway out of my window. Life is so unfair.

Arkansas Patti said...

Amazing shot to accompany such descriptive words.
The water really was decked out in diamonds.

Crafty Green Poet said...

the moon is always magical especially over water, lovely photo and words